Pari is 27 years old and she is an English teacher in Basid.
She and her husband are a well suited couple. She works at school and he takes care of the house, their four-year-old daughter and collects firewood. In the winter it is full-time work. You have to get up very early and go far into the mountains.
Before they met, he worked for seven years in Russia. Nowadays, he seems fulfilled in his role of father and housekeeper.
Her dream is studying at the University of Central Asia, which hopefully will be built by the Aga Khan Foundation in Khorog. To get in, she studies English in every spare moment. She is extremely disciplined and motivated.
Still two years ago, she was earning 200 Somoni a month (33 euros). Today, she earns more: 480 Somoni, 60 euros. It is enough to buy rice, oil and sugar. The vegetables and fruits come from the garden. Her husband will get wood so they do not have to pay for fuel.
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